Thursday, February 17, 2005

Live and Let Audio Tour

First off, as I'm only on a computer sporadically right now, and so much is happening, I'm breaking up my posts. So this is the third since I've sat down, and as such, you might want to scroll down so you dont miss anything.

Also, I cant view my own blog for some reason or another, probably because it is published in English and everything on this screen (minus what I'm typing now) is in Chinese.

Waking up this morning barely hungover, I was met with good news followed by more good news followed by more... wait for it... good news. What was so good?

1. Breakfast (not orgy, see below) consisted of simple white rice porridge, instead of the rice and bean porridge of the past few days. I like the porridge without the bean much more, and it goes better with the hard boiled eggs I toss in. Also, they had steamed buns.

2. The airline found my bag! It is expected to arrive tonight around 6 PM, at which time I'll hustle to the airport to pick it up. This is just in time, as my iPod (which is a life saver) is running low, as is my laptop, as is my camera, and I need a shave.

3. Heading to the Forbidden City this morning, I picked up an audio tour narrated by none other than... wait for it... Roger Moore! (Alternate titles for this entry were "The Audio Tour That Loved Me" and "A View to an Audio Tour." "The Cannonball Audio Tour" was, however, not considered.)

The next three hours found me wandering the Forbidden City. Now, I've been through here before, but I didnt realize how much I missed out on. If you follow the guided path straight through, you'll see grand courtyard followed by ornate palace followed by grand courtyard followed by ornate palace and so on. But as Sir Roger Moore explained, the entire structure is designed upon the concept of the Yin and the Yang, and for all the wide open space, there was equally as much crampled allies and tiny gardens. These smaller venues were what I missed in the past, and I must say I found them much more interesting. I got some good pictures, and once my laptop is hooked up to the internet I'll post them. For now, you can go rent "The Last Emperor" or "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and get an idea of what I'm talking about.

That's it for now. Once my time is up here I'm going to a park and then to get some jiaozi and then back to the airport to reclaim my bag. No "and then."


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Tousled Pigtails said...

Good to read that you made it around the world, glad to hear that you've haven't seen any "art exibits" without protection. I assume they have a lot of protection there what with the population control and all, must be pretty easy to pick up some, and get back to those girls about their "exhibits." Please post pictures of their art.


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