Saturday, February 12, 2005

Roast Beef, Democracy, and Soul

We're down to the last day. Tomorrow at this time (currently, its 9:50 AM) I'll be on a plane to New York's JFK Airport where I'll settled in for a 5 hour layover before the 14 hour flight direct to Beijing.

So what do I hope to get done, on this last day of days? Here is a convenient list to answer that question:
1. Do some last minute laundry.
2. Get a good roast beef snadwich. Probably at Harrison's. If you've been to Harrison's, you understand.
3. Find a good Ray Charles CD. (I just watched "Ray" the other night, and now understand the hype.)
4. Find my plane tickets.

Expect an update later.


The roast beef was delicious, slathered in sauce and dripping with cheese and mayonaise. It's tough to get better than Harrison's. The laundry sits in a pile, waiting just to be crammed into the suitcase. The Ray Charles Anthology looks good, as does Green Day's "American Idiot," Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew," and The Flaming Lips' "Soft Bulletin." Plane tickets were in the crawl space with my other junk. All missions have been accomplished. Now for some pizza and emails. Final deaprture from Byfield in 13 hours. Very likely that the next blog will be from somewhere that is not here.

Look out China, I'm coming back.


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