Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Offers that Stand

Over the last few weeks, I have been scrambling to find a new position teaching English in China. Discovering the sham that was the truth behind YAKUP through me for a loop, gave a dangerous opportunity for second guessing, and landed a strong blow upon my ego. Some days I spent fervently searching the internet and applying for any job I was anywhere near qualified for or interested in; other days I simply spent hours looking at porn.

OK, so maybe it was the routine as usual.

As of today, there are three possibilities that lay open in front of me. 1. Teaching English in Harbin. Harbin is a city in the northeast of China, not too far from the Russian border. Known as the "Moscow of the Orient," it has a reputation as a fashionable city. I actually spent a month here in high school, back in 1997, studying at the local Institute of Technology. 2. Teaching Science in Shanghai. This actually has not been offered, not in any official matter at least. My old Chinese professor from high school, Dr. Han, said he might be able to get me this job, as a friend of his recently and suddenly lost an English-speaking science teacher. The problem is that I have had no science classes since junior year of high school, and I think that will be a major obstacle in getting this job. Despite my confidence in being able to teach Grade 6 General Science, they would probably still want a teacher with experience in the field. 3. Teaching English in Qingdao. This is a position offered by a placement company, which doesnt grasp my confidence, and requires a $300 application fee, which undermines my confidence even more. Plus Qingdao is a little farther south than I want to be.

At this moment, I think I'm going to take the Harbin job. I expect my decision to be made by the end of the day.


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