Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Splurging All Over Your Mason Ayer

Thanks to my tax refund, I got some money I wasn't counting on. A better person might put this towards unseen travel expenses, or savings, or student loans, but I am not a better person. I am a person who decided it was much more important to have a copy of The Simpsons Season 5 for my viewing pleasure and Civ 3 for my gaming pleasure.

Thanks to Angus and Connie for the blogging tips, I'll make use of them shortly, and to Jenny Savino and Diane Glynn at PA for the lunch. Jenny would like to remind all members of the Class of '99 that any size donation helps our class participation rate, and if you're too lazy to fill out the pledge card that you get in the mail, you can dontate online at

The Bill: Willing to pimp any cause for a reuben sandwich and a beer.


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