Saturday, July 09, 2005

Recalled to Life

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My computer is back, which means I have spent most of my free time staring at the screen and catching up with my various trivia websites, news agencies, and yes, believe it or not, the Red Sox. Good to see the team holding onto 1st in the AL East. And yes, I have learned to care, because as I expected reading about baseball has survived as an umbilical (sp?) cord to good ol' Americana.

With my computer coming back I've also caught up with the real news. Real news doesnt always make the headlines in China, most notably recently with the tragedy in London. It was about 24 hours after the fact until I found out, and still most of my Chinese friends have no idea what happened. Even less have any ability to understand the significance of it, especially for someone who was in DC watching the Pentagon burn four years ago.

Anyways, I will be throwing a bunch of postings up in the near future dealing with the Chinese college experience, both from the perspective of a teacher and a student. If you're interested, check back in regularly.

The picture above is of the building where our main branch is located. The big glitzy windowed area is a restaurant that recently opened in the building, our school is kinda tucked behind the neon sign in the bottom right corner.


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