Saturday, June 18, 2005

Feelin' Alright

Today was a long day. It was Saturday, which makes it my longest, busiest day, but today didn't seem too long or too busy. It just felt good. And its probably only half over.

To begin with, any anger in my last post has totally disippated not only through vindication from my coworkers but also through recent success in my chinese study. So hooray for me. Plus I've found a solution to my jammed disk drive along with a compatable external dvd burner at a reasonable price. Oh, and I stumbled onto season 5 of South Park and season 4 of the West Wing on the same day. Dorkiest of all, I finally started reading Kissinger's "Diplomacy," a little over 4 years since first assigned by Dean Krogh.

Anyways, I'm beginning to line up as much as my future in Harbin as I can right now... well, at least the next six months at my school. The schedules are about to change in about 3-4 weeks, so I'm pushing all my favors to work a more condensed schedule that will open up more time for travel and study. I need to work 24 hours a week, and I'd to just run the gauntlet over three days, but we'll see.

Consecutive days off will be great, if at the least for meeting up with Jay and Kelly in Beijing. The capital is only an 8 hour sleeper train away, but I'd really need to be there for 3 days to make that worthwhile. I'll skip out on work if needed, I can get a replacement, but it'd be cool if there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

I've got a lot of ideas plopping around in my head about bigger issues in China other than my silly life, and I plan on writing them soon, but... er... well, I'm lazy sometimes. Oh, and I shaved my beard. Take a look at its prior glory in the attached photo, taken only minutes before I shaved. I kept the beard trimmed while I had it, so I was never anything wild, not like 1997's attempt. Eee. JP Chisholm didn't let me live that one down for a while. Anyways, this pic was taken in my school's lobby, right behind us is the teacher's office. Vivian is standing there with me, she's one of my TAs. I got another photo or two I'll put up, all in good time. Now it is time for a little TV and a little Dewars and then the HIT Bar. I don't have any commitment prior to 1:30 tomorrow.



At 11:19 AM, Blogger Mataz said...

Hello to a fellow '03 Hoya/Deucer (you know what I mean) from "back home" in DC. Johnny McCarthy sent me your way when I suggested that he might start a blog for his upcoming trip to China.

Enjoy reading about something a tad more exciting than my office life, but look for things to pick up around here as I attempt Gtown law at night this coming fall.


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