Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Proud to Be an American

Eeee. I don't usually like to blog about crap like this, but something really got under my skin today. It was one of those classic Bill moments where you can tell I'm just about to explode with a rant that may have no end, in this case bolstered with the fact that it concerned the very nature of everything I have studied since I entered high school. Somehow I was able, uncharacteristically, to quiet up and walk away. But you all know I was right.

Living in China isn't for everyone, especially those who rely on the comfort of other people, or those who get tired of others fast. There are not too many foreigners running around, and those that are don't always fall into the "dependable" catagory. This means that one might be constrained for a very limited community, and outside of them all you got is yourself, so you gotta keep everyone happy.

Either way, I hate damn, dirty, blind-to-the-real-world hippies.


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