Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hoya Hoya Saxa!

Dear Old Blue & Gray
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I met a Georgetown SFS alum tonight. He graduated in 1969 and has taught English in many a land. During college he participated in some of the larger rallies in DC, plus lived in DC long enough after he graduated to know about Bill Sr.'s bike lock stunt on Lauinger's first day open to the public. (Anyone want to verify this?) Either way, I thought this would be an interesting post, seeing as how tonight could easily be regarded as a crossing of fates, one just a bit earlier than the other.

The adjoining picture is another not-so-fresh one, almost a year old really, but its full of Georgetown-y goodness. Plus I was acting in pretty much the same behavior tonight. Clare and Alicia, you'd be prouod.


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