Friday, June 03, 2005

Important Lessons About Holes

1. I am now down to the last hole on my belt. In a good way. I've lost enough weight since I arrived in China that I've moved 3 holes down to the last. Hooray for me.

2. Something is jamming my CD drive, which doesnt really affect any of you at all. However, I am learning how to construct DVDs, and once I figure out one last issue, I'm going to purchase a DVD burner (they are really cheap here, not surprisingly). People who are probably angry because they are expecting pictures, this is the medium I want to deliver them in. You'll be able to watch the pictures on your TV and listen to my commentary. Or mute me. Either way, I got some gifts I am going to be sending back West, and that will all ship out when I resovle this DVD issue. Hold tight.

Off topic, the picture above is probably over 2 months old. You'll see our driver SunGe, Stacie from Saskatchewan (its somewhere in Canada), Jolin the Staff Member, and me. This was taken after a couple of hours in the karaoke parlor, an embarassment that has become a guilty pleasure. Just last night I gave an oddly heartfelt rendition of "New York, New York" only to subsequently butcher "The Sound of Silence." Oh well.

I have a beard now.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger eirishis said...

I hereby name you Grizzly McGonigle. Or Ted Bauer McGonigle.


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