Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Like A Drifter I Was Born To Walk Alone

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Here I Go Again on My Own,
Going Down the Only Road I've Ever Known...

No, this post is not a tribute to Tawny Kittain, but my last as I head out my door for a week of adventure. When I come back I'll be brimming with stories from ShanDong province. I'll have visited a Chinese/Confucian verson of Plymoth Plantation/Williamsburg. I'll have climbed two mountains. I'll have spelunked. (Spelunking!) I'll likely have drunk a lot of beer. Mountains! Caves! History! Beer! Whitesnake! Hooray!

Send me some emails for my return, I'm curious what is happening stateside. Seriously. Till then, fare thee well.


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