Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bill: International (Disaster) Star

Awesome Burrito no longer has a monopoly in the 3800 crew as the only one to appear in an international commercial.

While putzing around my school yesterday putting some tests together (fun!), a film crew came waltzing in to shoot a commercial. None of us foreign teachers had any idea this was going to happen, and as such, only two of us were around. It should also be known both of us were rather hungover. But the crew wanted to work with us, as the management felt it important to showcase their foreign staff. So if anyone is in China anytime soon, look for me pretending to teach an imaginary class or welcoming you from our front desk.

Sure, maybe the Burrito's commercial was for Jack in the Box, and maybe he got paid, and he just might have had one of the best funny-because-its-so-lame lines I've heard in a commercial since the 80s ("I'm really jonesin' for a burger!" while hopping around a fountain in Italy) but I got... uh... my dignity? No, thats not it. Hmmm. I'll think of it later.


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