Saturday, April 09, 2005

Police Escorts and Seizures

I may have mentioned this, but the head honcho of my school use to be the biggest pig in all of Harbin. What I mean by that is prior to entering the private sector he reigned as the Chief of Police. What this means for me is connections up the wazoo, one of the best being a police escort.

Yup. For all of those who joked about Mr. Bill being thrown in a Red Prison, well, at the very least I'm spending a lot of time in a squad car. That in it self isnt too cool, as many are just Nissan's or Benz's, but what is cool when I walk in with an uniformed officer and get right to the front of any line. Most recently this happened just yesterday when I went to get some innoculations taken care of at a crowded vaccination clinic. Being in with the fuzz is slick. If I ever have a chance, I'm definately going informant in the future. Maybe someone out there still needs to finger a culprit for the Great Commons Food Fight of 1996. You know where I might be reached.

In related news, my mother has graciously shipped me a care package. I have no idea what is in the package, but for the last 14 hours it has been "delayed for inspection" in Beijing. Perhaps my plan to introduce bullfrogs to the local ecosystem has gone the way of chazzwazzers.

In unrelated news, I had to name a student today. As he wouldn't take his hand out of his pants, I bequeathed upon his glory the name "Ted." He said only stupid people were named Ted, and he wanted to be called "Tom."

In slightly unexpected news, bragging about a Red Sox victory over the Blue Jays means nothing to people from Saskatechewan or British Columbia, but who knows where ever the hell Saskatchewan or British Columbia are anyways?


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