Friday, June 10, 2005

City Signs (A Branch of City Wok and City Airlines)

Sirry Mongorians.

After Chinese class yesterday (I got a 95% on my test! It was the highest in the class!) I met up with coworkers/good friends Jason and Dan. The three of us are the only ones with any Chinese ability, and both Dan and Jason have been in Harbin a while.

We headed out to Sun Island, a local "scenic spot." It was fun, full of beaches of faux sand and deer beatings. Plus this sign, which is now my favorite in Harbin, beating out the cornerstore who's awning reads "Synthesize the Market!"

An odd item of the park is how very unnatural the entire place was. Instead of winding paths through grove and over dale we walked wide boulevards of granite. The lake and the waterfall that fed into it were all manufactured, but not so well that we couldn't easily se the pipes emptying out over the rockface and the "shore" was slick concrete. The entire place felt like a much less imaginative, much more poorly funded Disneyland.

The chili was deliciersh.


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