Monday, July 04, 2005

Don't Worry, I'm Not Dead (Yet)

In case anyone was wondering, I have not been emailing or posting anything lately due to that my laptop is being repaired. If I havent already told you all, a disc got jammed in my CD drive and I want to get it out. Well, the repair shop had to send it to Beijing to the official Apple Customer Service Center, which was fine by me when they said it would take a week. But it turns out they let the laptop sit in the Harbin office for a week gathering dust before they sent it out, so now I'm looking at maybe two weeks of down time. Sufficed to say, I'm a little annoyed. But there is nothing I can do.

I've got a lot in my head to write about, especially now that my college term has ended. I've finally come to understand a lot about the way universities work here, and I'd like to explain it, but its going to take time, and I dont get much time on the office computer, as there is only one in English that is connected to the internet and we all have to share it. Also because I don't like writing with people looking over my shoulder.

But, for the sake of a quick update, I celebrated the Fourth of July yesterday by sharing pulled pork with a few of my classes (though I still have a ton left)and checking out some fireworks. Sure, the fireworks were for "Our Friends the South Koreans," but it was Independence Day for me, so I hummed the "Star Spangled Banner" as I stood amidst a see of yellow. Then I went and drank more than enough beer.


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