Thursday, November 24, 2005

Water-Lieu Day 3: Keeping Clean, Keeping Sane, Keeping True

Waking up today, the first goal was to shower. That was done at a ritzy hotel not too far away from my apartment. It was great to have a hotel room all to myself, if only for an hour. In fact, I think the shortage of time inspired my unconcious deisre to trash said hotel room, as I flooded the Noah out of the place. I repel blame, however, as the doohiky that looked like a drain cover (it was full of holes for Christ's sake!) was actually a drain plug. So maybe I flooded a hotel room this morning.

After that I caught a bus across town to the Costco equivalent and picked up some scotch (Dewars, of course) and some brie. After that, I got home, cracked the scotch, sliced the brie, and enjoyed "The Royal Tenenbaums," one of my favorite 'family' movies.

After the movie (and a 1/3 of the scotch) I met up with the new American, the Aussie, and the Russian friend for dinner. We went to the Holiday Inn which enjoyed a wonderful spread that included turkey, sirloin, salmon, apple pie, and many other delicious treats. However, much to my chagrin, they were missing mashed potatoes and stuffing.

It was a good meal, with good company, and I'm very happy. It's tough celebrating Thanksgiving away from home, and I think it'll be more difficult than celebrating Christmas away. But tonight was a good night, and I'm happy. Sure, they didn't have some old goofy guy deep frying a turkey, but all the good old goofy guys are visiting my brother in Prague right now, so all I can do is post more pictures of potentially old goofy guys deep frying turkeys.

PS: I respect and love old goofy guys because I'm well down the path towards becoming an old goofy guy who will one day deep fry his own turkey. I just like to poke fun. Poke. Poke.


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Tousled Pigtails said...

Glad hear that you're surviving. Your town was the top headline on Google News today and made the top headlines on Yahoo News yesterday. I spoke with PJB and we're both concerned about the general situation, so I'm glad to read that things are at least stable.

I am spending Thanksgiving alone with my cats here in Charlottesville, which is about 50,000 residents short now that the holiday is here. So it's possible to be alone AND be in America on turkey day.


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