Thursday, November 17, 2005

Because I'm Blue to the Core

Andover beat Exeter in the yearly gridiron battle, 24-8, thus finishing the season undefeated. Go Big Blue!

Some readers are familiar with my fanaticsm towards my high school, some are not. All should know that the Andover/Exeter rivalry is the oldest high school rivalry in America, both schools having been founded before there was even a Constitution.

Even fewer readers might be aware of the significant moments that the Andover/Exeter game has provided in my life, let it be the purely athletic game-winning catch of one Titus Ivory during my Junior (freshmen) year or the more mischevious, and personal, stealing of the Exeter's mascot head during my Upper (junior) year. (Let it be also known that Chris Chen got the short end of that stick.)

Regardless, Go Andover!


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