Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Lost" and Found

Goodbye Twinkletoes
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We're saying goodbye to another of our illustrious English teaching staff, sad to say. David, my only fellow American, is leaving Haerbin and taking a position at a university in Urumuqi, the capital city of XinJiang province. This is western China, as in the Uigyrs and the Gobi Desert. But after a year here, maybe its a good change for David. Regardless, no one will ever be able to fill his dancing shoes, the guy was a complete animal.

As for myself, I've been incredibly slothful since I found the "Lost: Season 1" DVD box set. The show is pretty dang good. I've just this afternoon completed the entire season, which took me less than a week for 25 hours. Disgusting, I know. But the show was that good, that engrossing.

But now that my monkey is off my back, I will return to more normal postings, or so I at least intend to.

Chinese class is going well, and my ability is really improving again. "Teaching" is still frsutrating, but I continue to distance myself and prohibit from getting too invested in it, as the more anyone seems to try, to more everyone seems to fail. It is a disgusting and horrid attitude, but the only one that seems to work; the only one that will let you survive.

I got a craving for some KFC. Must go.


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