Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Smoke on the Water

Last week I went rafting with two of my good friends, ths Thursday I'll do it again with my entire office.

Tonight I was treated to dinner by the father of one of my youngest students, tomorrow will be another such dinner, and so on for the next week or so. Many of my older students are returning to college or where ever they might need to go, and they all want to have a farewell dinner. Good for me.

One student even told me I taught her more than any of her "real" teachers.

A coworker told me that my anger was my best attribute and one of his best hopes for the future of our school. (Uh Oh.) I had told him to expect to see it diminish in the near future, which illicited this comment. (Again: Uh-Oh.)

I've started a new Chinese class with a guy who seems to be quite like myself, but Chinese. I'm happy, if only that my energy will now once again be redirected towards more constructive efforts.

Finally: the verdict is in: a happy English teacher in China is one who forsakes any and all Western standards towards English. Its official. Just throw up your hands and give up. You'll be happier that way.

Unfortunately, I'm not one to give up, so we'll see how happy I am as time continues in the trenches of Haerbin.

I want a burrito real bad right now.


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