Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Rich Story

Marble Boat
Originally uploaded by billmcgonigle.
Back as the 19th century became the 20th, the US of A was busy modernizing its Navy, largely in part to good ol' TR. Well, dear reader, the US was not alone in this effort! No! China too was developing a new naval power.

The Empress at the time had quite a large budget, millions if not billions to work with, dedicated only to the naval effort. Well, the picture seen here is the final and only result of those funds.

It's a big, marble boat. I don't think it ever went anywhere, as its on a lake, docked right next to the Summer Palace. If it could properly float, I still doubt it would have stood a chance against our Western, non-marble frigates. But it did come with all the latest in technology, including AEGIS missile tracking systems and cupholders.

Rich Story is a Gtown roommate. Rich is half Chinese. Rich is fully in the Navy. Rich practices naval beverage warfare. Watch your Coke.


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