Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Days of High Adventure...

It is said... long ago the peasant mortal Da-Ge found his heart captured by the beauty of the goddess WoLuo SeMo. In lavishing gifts of his adoration upon her, each failed, only serving as a further testament of the goddess' beauty as each appeared as nothing more than paltry trinket within her radiance. Upon much meditation, Da-Ge discovered that nothing could match WoLuo SeMo aside from WoLuo SeMo herself. Using great ingenuity, Da-Ge crafted a mirror great enough to frame the glory of his love. But the mortal world is not hospitable to such truth, and before the gift might be presented an unnamed evil swatted the mirror to the ground, shattering the glass into 114 pieces upon the rough earth. These shards, having only glimpsed at the beauty of WoLuo SeMo, would become the lakes and rivers that brought life to JiuZhaiGou.

It is said... that during an age of great prosperity, the people of the GuGe Kingdom suffered a forgotten tragedy that forced an exodus from their homelands in Tibet. As the diaspora moved from land to land, the people growing ever further from their kind and kin, a promise was made. A sign would be set, a sign that would lead the peoples of the GuGe Kingdom to reunite; if not in this world then in the next. So it was declared that wherever they roamed, when they found hospice the universal name would be given to the settlement. That name is YangTong, a name scattered amongst the beauty of JiuZhaiGou like snow on the early winter's earth.

It is said... that one day I will finish this travelogue, and dagnabit, I'm going to. So if anyone is still reading out there, I'm making the big push to the end. I'm sure thats why I'm put it off, or at least one good reason, as with the completion of these accounts I close a chapter of life that meant a lot. Luckily the book still has a lot left in it.


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