Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Bill... Finds A Way

Hi-dilly ho avid readers,
It begins again, in a scope and scale never seen before. Having already begun, I'll be using the next month to wander aimlessly around China. The plan is simple: go wherever I feel like going on any given day. Want to go south? Then go south, boy! Climb a mountain? Where's the closest? Drift down the Yangtze? Someone get me a raft!
There is a lot in China that I just can't get to with my limited vacation time. So, now that I'm in between contracts, I've alloting myself this month to hit up all the sights I don't want to miss. The forecase calls for adventures. McGonigle flavor.
So far we've had nothing but good news. Yesterday I helped my Chinese friend score a J-1 visa, meaning she'll soon be residing in Moneterey, CA as an au pair. Not the baby-shaking variety, mind you. I'm happy for her, and she's exstatic.
Tomorrow the good news continues as the parental units are arriving in Beijing (where I am at this moment). I'll be leading them down along the east coast of China, from Beijing to HangZhou to Hong Kong. They'll leave on the 13th, then I'm on my own.
Now, I do have an idea of where I'll be headed, but nothing too concrete. Thats just not the way we do things here in China. Planning? Foresight? Screw it. Gimme some fried dumplings and quiet you.
In the meantime, we'll be placing this blog on a short hiatus. I might be able to chime in now and then for a quick anecdote, but I won't promise anything.
So, without further ado:
Let "The Great Wander,"* BEGIN!

*Yes. I'm titling this adventure "The Great Wander." You might know my Chinese name roughly translates into "The Great [CENSORED]." I'm also a pretty great guy. And when this is all over and done, you can expect one great ramble.


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