Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OK, This Might Be Funny

The last entry on this, the blog of blogs, commented on the lack of good humor in the Chinese language.

Today I was given a light at the end of the tunnel. That sounds rather morbid. I was given a light. We'll leave it at that. Especially since it's appropos for this discussion.

Taking a bus home from my tailor's (I got a tailor!) this afternoon, I was reading China's version of the New Yorker: Public Bus Edition. As I didn't care to waste my time on the bourgeois advertising sections, I skipped straight to the humor page. The following, for better or for worse, is what I found.

TITLE: Black Things
JOKE: A white person was in a black person place. The white person felt nervous. When talking to some black people, the white person said something stupid that simultaneously pointed out how white people and black people are different but in another way the same. Hahahahaha!

There is no plagarism in China, well, not like back in the States where I was signing "Honor Codes" every month. So this joke is likely plagiarized off Dave Chappelle. Who plagiarized off Chris Rock. Who plagiarized off Eddie Murphy. Who plagiarized off Richard Pryor. Who plagiarized off Red Foxx. You get my point.

White People and Black People and People Who Speak Asian are different. But we're all also the same. In that we steal someone else's ideas for our onw profit, that is.


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