Monday, December 12, 2005

Entertainment's Value

The other day my father, fully aware of my vices, asked if there were any special DVDs he could send me for Christmas. This is my reply:

Thanks Dad, but I'm doin' fine.

Since arriving in China I've made close to 200 DVD purchases. Some of these have been TV shows, some box sets; and so in all well over 200 individual DVDs.

You can find a DVD store on almost any corner here and most discs run betweem 6 and 8 RMB. Sometimes the quality halts at man-with-camera-in-theater, sometimes its a pre-release item given to critics to review ("screeners"), often a perfect copy of the acutal release (though likely sans-special features). The hard part is finding anything thats not exceptionally mainstream or uber-popular and it is certainly not difficuly to find crap. "Garfield," for instance, is still a top seller here in China.

We teachers lend a lot of movies and TV shows around, encouraging others to try something we discovered in the local DVD bin. My copy of "Lost - Season 1" quickly made rounds through the entire staff and some of the girls are burning through "Seanfield." One of our new guys asked for a load of zombie movies one day (and got "Night of the Living Dead," "Undead," "Shaun of the Dead," "Beyond Re-Animator," "Army of Darkness," "Resident Evil 1 & 2," "Friday the 13th Part 1," and "Land of the Dead") and tonight I'll be picking out children's movies for our winter camp.

So, again Dad, I think I'm doing fine. But is there something I can get you?

PS- In your eye, Scott Weiss!


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