Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mmm... Reckless Abandon

I've been awarded access to my own blog from the PRC, which now allows me to fool around with all the options and capabilities of the Blogger system. Expect to see some changes around here in the coming posts. Certainly, you'll see more pictures as I am no longer limited to the amount of memory dictated by my second-party posting service.

More than anything, this means more visual stimuli accompanying my narratives. As a picture is apparently worth so many words, I'm hoping this allows the few readers left to visualize exactly what I'm in the middle of here in China. But then, as I am no longer limited towards memory, I no longer have to carefully select the pictures that will be posted here. I've been giving a pass to reckless posting. So I can now fill up this blog with random pictures of my fellow staff, or silly translations I've found around China, or any interesting ice-carved store I might pass in Harbin.

But what I'm most excited about is that I have found a store that actually sells donuts. Real American donuts. Well, Chinese made, but we're talking in ways that would make them donuts of the American school, not the bland or tough Chinese donuts. Not the bean-filled donut, nor the steamed donut. No, real donut. I'm excited. I bought two jelly-filled donuts yesterday, and one went incredibly with a cup of French-pressed Yun Nan coffee this morning. I predict a happy future together, me and my new donut-supplier.

In the meantime, Hail Donut!


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