Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Epilogue: A Few Last Words and Pictures

I've been back in Harbin almost two weeks now and most things are back to how they always are. This vacation was different from the last, but still very enjoyable. It certainly brought a handful of new experiences and a table full of junk.

There have been a few good stories since I've returned, and I'll try to catch you readers up on the best of them. Before that, however, you might have noticed a format change here at Immigrant Songs. Yes, the PRC has uncensored the "blogspot" domain, which means I can now not only post directly to my own blog but also view it! It also means I can catch up on the lives of other bloggers like Angus Dwyer, Pat Byrnett, Dave Rice, Connie Chilton, and my own sister. Hooray.

But before I do close the book on this vacation, a few last pics with immediate descriptions for your education/enjoyment.

This is your author outside that massive cave at Jiu Xiang, read about it in Chapter 1!

Minority costuming by the reflection of the Three Pagodas in Dali.

And finally, some shots from around Li Jiang.

Hope you enjoyed the travelogue, I'll be back to the usual ramblings after I go get a new key made for my front door. Mine broke again. This is a regular occurence, yes.


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